Is it Possible to Combine Heating and Cooling Systems?

March 19, 2020

If you want to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you usually need separate systems. However, there are ways to combine these systems to save space in your house. You should check with a professional HVAC installer to ensure your property can accommodate the dual comfort units. Here are a few things that you should know before combining a heating and cooling system.

You Can Combine a Heating and Cooling System

By combining heating and cooling, you can save space and money with one unit. However, if you have existing systems, you will have to replace them with a whole new setup. Forced-air systems are the most common choice for combining heating and cooling. You can set up the main system in one room as heat and cool air pump throughout your home.

How Does a Forced-Air System Work?

Many of these units use a heat pump or furnace to warm the air, and then it is pumped through the house via in-room vents and ductwork. Once the thermostat is set, cold air will be pulled from the room and into the system. The air passes through an air filter to remove any dust and pollen. After that, it passes into an air handler to be warmed by the furnace or heat pump. Once that is finished, the air is “forced” through the ducts with the help of the blower motor.

For those homes with a heat pump as the source for heat, this unit will pull out the heat from the air at the outside source. It will move that heated air into your house. After that, the air will continue through the air handler and into your ductwork. Both of these heating processes will repeat until the temperature of the house matches the temperature of the thermostat.

During the summer, you want to have cool air throughout your residence. With a forced-air system, it works in a similar manner to cool down warm air. The air will pass through the filter and push through the refrigerant coils. These coils take the warm air and cool it down to the set temperature at the thermostat. Once the air is cooled, it passes through the air handler and will push into the ductwork and vents.

The process of cooling down air might sound like a central air conditioner, but there is a difference between the two systems. With a forced-air setup, the heating and cooling system uses ducts and vents to bring the rooms down to the temperature set by the thermostat. Central air is only a cooling system that transports air through the vents and ducts. Some people will interchange the terms “central air” and “forced air” to complicate the issue. Yes, the process might sound similar, but they are entirely different systems.

Should You Choose a Forced-Air System?

For many people, there are a variety of benefits to installing a forced-air system. In most cases, these systems can improve the energy efficiency and air quality of your home. With regular maintenance on the system, you will see an improvement in your indoor air quality. You are also not using separate ductwork for a heating and cooling system that can collect harmful debris and dust. However, you still need to change the filter to help maintain the system. A clean filter will trap those allergens that can make breathing difficult and your family sick.

Forced-air systems are also great at helping you to maintain the right humidity levels in your house. You can add a humidifier or dehumidifier to the unit, too. These additional systems will keep you comfortable and help you to avoid any excess energy usage in the home. If you are looking for other ways to save, you are in luck. With government energy standards, these forced-air systems are operating at higher efficiency levels. You can be confident that your system will heat or cool your property without wasting energy or raising your utility bills.

In today’s market, the forced-air system is the only one that can combine cooling and heating. Your existing ductwork will be used for the heating aspect of your system, and it will also operate as the distribution of the cool air through your home. With this type of system, you need to install separate ductwork to heat and cool your house.

Drawbacks of Forced-Air Systems

Like most heating and cooling products, there are benefits and drawbacks. Before you rush out to purchase this type of system, there are some things that you should know. These systems can be slightly more expensive than others, but you do save on your energy over the lifetime of the product. Uneven air distribution throughout your home is another issue with a forced-air system. With a forced-air system, the air distribution relies on vents and ducts to move the air. If your ductwork or vent is blocked, then you could be obstructing the airflow of the room. You want to make sure that you can install vents in areas that will not be obstructed, and you should move all furniture and other blockages away from the vents. When you do that, your rooms will cool and heat at an even rate.

While air filters can help to remove harmful dust and debris, you need to stay on top of their maintenance. A dirty filter can spread airborne particles and distribute them into your rooms. You want to make sure to keep a routine schedule to change those filters every 30 to 90 days.

Finally, a forced-air system can be very noisy, and many people shy away from them for that reason. When the system cycles on, you can hear the fans clicking and the air getting pushed through the ductwork and vents.

Choose a Forced-Air System for Your Home

Many people are choosing forced-air systems for their houses, and it is mainly due to the positive attributes of the system. Homeowners are concerned with healthy air in their homes. With a forced-air system, the filters will trap allergens and other particles entering your residence. In turn, your house’s air quality will improve. Forced-air systems also run at an efficient energy level. You will notice a decrease in the cost of operating these systems in comparison with others Another main draw is the convenience of a two-in-one system for your home. Finally, with a forced-air system, you can effectively maintain the levels of humidity in your home.

Call in the Professionals

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