Could My Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

November 7, 2022


Your home’s heating and cooling system is made up of a series of interconnected parts that all work together to ensure a comfortable home. While important components of your HVAC system are visible – things like your air conditioner condenser unit or your furnace and air handlers, for example – there’s a whole system of mostly hidden ductwork traveling throughout your home. These ducts play an essential role in transporting air throughout your home, but, because they are more or less out of sight, their maintenance can easily be forgotten.


Signs Your Air Ducts Could Need Cleaning


We’ve all seen how quickly dust and airborne particles can build up on the ledge of our windowsills or tops of our shelves. When that Florida sunshine filters in off the Clearwater coast, it becomes all the more apparent. This same dust could be filtering throughout your home’s cooling system, too. In fact, one reason for changing the air filters on your HVAC system regularly (read: more than once every couple of months) is to capture this dust and prevent it from circulating throughout your home via your air ducts.

For the most part, air filters do a good job of keeping dust in your ducts at bay, but there are times when air duct cleaning might be necessary.

  • If you suspect mold – Mold is a health hazard that should never be taken lightly. When it’s in your ductwork, it’s all the more concerning. Because your ducts are where air gets forced throughout your entire home, once mold is in your ductwork, it can very quickly spread to every room in your house. If you notice mold growing around your air vents or can smell a strange musty odor in your home, you should consider taking action right away to prevent the further spread of mold spores in your home. In humid environments like ours in Tampa, the conditions are ripe for mold growth, especially because AC units themselves also generate moisture.

  • If you suspect an infestation of pests or rodents – These problematic pests need to be eliminated, and your ducts should be cleaned to clear out droppings, bacteria and other health hazards.

  • If your home was recently renovated or you have large amounts of dust buildup – Our homes are always filled with dust, but after a major renovation or simply a long time without cleaning, the air ducts can become very dusty and dirty. When they’re not clean, they cannot do their jobs as efficiently. Construction work is messy and no matter how diligent the contractor, dust is bound to make its way into the ductwork so it’s prudent to have your air ducts cleaned after any home renovation project.

Cleaning the air ducts in your home likely doesn’t have to be an annual occurrence, but you should consider doing it at least every few years to keep your entire heating and cooling system running most efficiently. In the meantime, if you notice anything out of the ordinary like musty odors or large amounts of dust accumulation, you should call us right away at Mario’s Air Conditioning & Heating to discuss your options.

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