Can I Add Cooling/More Cooling to Another Room?

December 13, 2022


Adequately and evenly cooling your home can be a frustration many homeowners struggle with (see “Why Isn’t My Whole House the Same Temperature? for more information].

If you’re looking to add cooling to a room in your house, there are a few places to start.

  • First, assess your current cooling system. Understand things like how old the system is and if you have any control functionality for zoning the home to restrict airflow. While you’re at it, check (and change) your air filters.
  • Evaluate your home’s insulation. Climate comfort is highly dependent on how well a home is insulated. Take a peek in your attic to assess yours.


  • Identify your frustrations and areas of focus. What areas are you trying to better cool? Is your lowest level always cold and the upstairs too hot? Or, are you renovating your home and need to add cooling to a new addition? What are the problems and what are your goals?
  • Consider your options. There are a few DIY solutions you can try implementing to redirect airflow within your home. Closing off vents in rooms that are too cold can be one way to manually zone your home for cooler air in other rooms. And of course, there are always fans, but you likely want a more permanent solution.

For that, one option may be to replace the vents. In the early 2000s, it was popular to install multi-directional vents thinking that would help spread the cool air. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t.

Air flows in a similar fashion to water, so splitting it apart just means it won’t make it all the way across the room. One common solution is to install vents that point in one direction, then have them pointed up to the ceiling. The cool air rolls off the ceiling all the way across the room, making it a more consistent temperature in the entire room.

Other solutions may include adding more ductwork to your current heating and cooling system.

If you’re frustrated with the way your Palm Harbor home is cooling, give us a call at Mario’s Air Conditioning & Heating to discuss your options. You can reach us at 727-843-9598. We help homes and businesses throughout the Tampa area with all of their cooling and heating needs.

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