Why Is My Heating System Making a Loud Noise?

November 15, 2019

Old Air Conditioner Making Loud NoiseOne of the most troubling sounds a Florida homeowner can hear is an unidentified noise in the heating system. Fortunately, many heat-related noises indicate simple problems that can be quickly remedied by a heating and cooling professional. Among the most common home heating noises arekettling, banging, humming, and tapping.

Your Boiler Is Kettling

Kettling is one of the simplest and most common noises a home heating system can make. It happens when the system has a buildup of limescale, sludge, or some other substance. This makes the boiler noisy like a kettle, and flushing may be required to resolve it. In cases of severe buildup, power flushing could be necessary. In either case, the professionals at Mario's AC can help.

Your Pipes Are Banging

Banging pipes might be the result of the system putting out too much heat. The first thing to check if you’re hearing thudding sounds from your pipes is the thermostat on the boiler. This requires turning off the unit, letting it cool down, and then turning it on again. Thudding noises from the pipes might also be the result of pipes that aren’t properly secured. If your house has copper pipes, these need to be periodically checked and possibly secured again.

Your Pump Is Making a Humming Sound

If you’re hearing an annoying humming sound coming from your heating system, the most likely source is the pump. In most cases, the humming is caused by a vibrating unit that needs to be secured. It might also be caused by a pump running at too high a speed. One thing you can try is turning down the pump speed and checking to see if the noise continues.

Your Heating System Is Tapping

The most likely culprit in cases where a heating system is making a tapping noise is a part that has been improperly fitted. It might also be caused by limescale buildup. In either case, the heating and cooling professionals at Mario's AC would be happy to review your situation and fix any problems they find.

The team from Mario's AC can handle the full range of heating and cooling issues our customers encounter in Hudson and the surrounding area, and we’ve been doing it for more than two decades. We can fix malfunctioning units or replace them with upgraded, high-technology options that will keep you in comfort for years to come. Call us today to learn more. We also offer AC repair.O

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