What to do About a Rusty Air Conditioner

September 23, 2019

Rust is a common issue on air conditioners that can affect the quality of the parts and shortens the life span of the appliance. Many homeowners encounter issues with their AC unit once rust forms. If you discover rust has formed on the parts, there are a few important steps to take to resolve the issue and keep your appliance operating well.

1. Inspect the Internal Components

Hire a professional from a company like Mario's AC to perform a thorough inspection of the parts to ensure that all of the rust is uncovered. It’s important to be aware of which areas need attention before you begin to fix the problem. The technician will remove the panel on the unit and can carefully inspect everything.

2. Scrape Off the Rust

Although rust can threaten the quality and efficiency of your air conditioner, it can be removed fairly easily without having to rely on a technician. Use a nylon brush and sandpaper to remove all of the rust and any excess dirt or debris that has settled onto the parts. You can then apply a coat of rust-free primer. Allow it to dry before applying a coat of rust-free paint. Additional coats of paint can be applied to protect the parts from damage in the future.

3. Schedule Annual Inspections

Rust can easily be removed when it comes to maintaining your air conditioner, but additional rust can still develop if you don’t keep a close eye on the appliance each year. Hire a technician to perform an inspection every six to 12 months to prevent the problem from becoming severe. The professional will also diagnose any issues that may be developing.

Contact Mario's AC to learn additional tips on how to manage an air conditioner with rust for properties in the Hudson area. We have more than 80 years of combined experience in the industry and offer a 10-year warranty on all labor performed. Additional services we provide include duct cleaning and improving the indoor air quality in residential buildings.

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