What is Super Cooling?

July 10, 2020

There are several ways to maximize the cost efficiency of your cooling system. One strategy that some homeowners in Hudson, FL, are using is super cooling. If you are interested in lowering your energy bills, we can walk you through additional cost-saving options. Here is some information about super cooling to consider.

What Is Super Cooling?

Super cooling is the process of lowering the temperature of an AC’s thermostat as much as possible and running it during the off-peak hours. The logic is that you are going to cool your home at a cheaper price. Then, that temperature is going to linger. Once it begins to fade away, you will be able to turn on the AC again because the peak hour prices have passed. During peak hours, you turn off the AC so that you do not have to pay the higher rates.

The other complementary option is to keep the AC running but at the highest temperature possible. Essentially, what you are doing is using the power of the fans. The compressor may kick in, but it will not work at a rate that eats up too much energy. How you handle peak hours is up to you. You can try turning it on at the highest temperature or you can turn off the system completely. One way to decide how to complete the process is to test it. Understanding how you are going to feel will help you make your decision.

Why Do Homeowners Do Super Cooling?

The goal of super cooling is to save on energy costs. Everyone wants to be comfortable in their home at the lowest prices possible. Some electricity providers let their customers know the energy rates throughout the day. Once you have this information, it is up to you to keep an eye on the time and when you turn on the AC.

If your energy company won’t tell you the different rates for the peak season, you’ll have to take steps to find out on your own. The reason why the rates increase at some points of the day during peak season is demand. Since the electric grid has to work harder to keep up with that demand, the customer ends up paying for the additional load. So, customers receive incentives to change their energy consumption habits. You are encouraged to wash and dry your clothes when the sun begins to set or before it reaches its peak the next day. You are also encouraged to make some sacrifices in terms of cooling your home during certain hours of the day.

What Are the Benefits of Super Cooling?

One benefit of using the super cooling method is that you are cooling your home at a savings. Some studies show a homeowner can save anywhere between 25% to 33% on energy costs with this strategy. That is enough to get some to use this method.

You should keep in mind that in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a comfortable home in the middle of the summer at a savings, you are going to experience some quirky things. To get through the afternoon heat, your home is going to feel really cold in the morning. You may even have to break out the sweaters. Then, in the evening, you will get to cozy up with your blanket. If the savings is worth it to you and you do not mind the chillier temps, then this method is worth trying for a summer season.

Installing a smart thermostat is a great way to achieve this method. Once it is installed, hook it up to your home’s Wi-Fi and download the corresponding app on your smartphone or tablet. Then, you can set up your preferences. In this case, it means setting up the temperature at different times of the day according to the rates. Since the settings are going to kick in automatically, you do not have to worry about being on top of it.

Does Super Cooling Work?

Yes, super cooling does work. If you engage the help of a smart thermostat, the AC turns on and off as well as changes its temperature automatically. If you automate the super cooling process, you can truly achieve your goal of a comfortable home and reap the savings. You can work with Mario’s AC in Hudson to ensure you have the right size AC and home requirements to get the most out of super cooling.

A smart thermostat is an attractive smart home device because it is more precise than a manual thermostat. The manual version has an error rate of up to five degrees, so you may be running your cooling system longer than necessary. A smart thermostat only has an error rate of half a degree. With this kind of precision, you can receive a return on investment for the device and more accurate savings on your energy consumption.

Additional Methods to Maximize Your Super Cooling Efforts

Once you are running the super cooling method like clockwork, you can further maximize your energy consumption and savings with the following suggestions:

Keep blinds closed: Block the sun’s rays from entering your home is a must, so keep the curtains and blinds closed in the rooms that receive the most sunlight at the sun’s peak hours. This is easy if those spaces are not utilized at that time. If you use those rooms during the sun’s peak hours, you might want to make some changes.

Installing a ceiling fan: The ceiling fan does not eat up a lot of energy costs and it does not require a lot of energy to use. This fan is wonderful for helping the output from your cooling system circulate in a room. If you install one is several rooms, you can create a healthy circulation of air. Plus, this circulation of air helps improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Ensure proper insulation: Insulation is important for achieving an optimal level of comfort indoors. Homes that have an attic or basement are more likely to see a loss of cool air. So, if your house has either, consider investing in insulation. Also, double-check that there are no cracks or crevices in the rest of your home. If your cooled-off air is escaping, the effort to save on your energy consumption through the super cooling method gets sabotaged.

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