The Best Way to Cool Older Homes

August 28, 2019

Older homes may offer more than their unique exterior looks. As long as the property is well-maintained, a decades-old house can be perfect to live inside. The age of the home, however, does create some concerns for people living there. You may wonder what’s the best way to cool an old house. Here are some ideas.

Eliminate Drafts and Poor Insulation

Older homes might not be the best insulated nor entirely energy-efficient. Cracks in windows or the frames, for example, could let cold air escape. If cold air doesn’t stay inside the property, then keeping temperatures controlled becomes difficult. Addressing the causes of escaped air might deliver a solution.

Opt for a Mini-Duct System

Central heating and cooling units effectively regulate temperatures through entire homes. Installing central air, however, might not be an option for people owning older homes. The structure of the house might make installing these units impossible. However, an alternative might exist. A mini-duct system isn’t as complicated to install. Connecting the mini-duct to an appropriate HVAC system could provide a solution.

Go With a Ductless HVAC

The mini-duct system addresses issues when there isn’t enough space for a full central air duct line. In individual homes, space limitations might preclude installing even a mini-duct system. Things aren’t all lost here. Ductless HVAC systems may prove viable. Have a qualified professional check out the home to see if a ductless system is a way to go. [Company_name] has helped customers who own all kinds of different dwellings choose the right heating and cooling system.

Window AC Unit Options

Placing an air conditioner in the window could do an excellent job cooling a room. Depending on the air conditioner’s BTU power, the device might cool down the adjoining room, too. Obviously, you can’t cool an entire house with a window unit or its cousin, the portable air conditioner. Buying and installing more than one air conditioner could solve the problem of a single unit’s limited power.

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