Protecting Your AC Before a Hurricane

September 27, 2022

The only good thing about a hurricane is you know it’s coming so we all have time to prepare. When it comes to protecting your AC unit before a hurricane, during the storm, and getting it back up and running afterwards, there are three key steps.

Lower Your Home’s Temperature Before the Hurricane

Just as a lot of the rest of your hurricane prep is assuming the power is going to go out, cooling your home more than you normally would will help keep your home cooler longer and keep you and your family as comfortable as can be during the storm. If you’re breaking out the sweaters just before landfall, you’ll be happier at hour 10 of no power.

Turning Off Your AC Unit During The Storm

Now that your home is colder, shutting off power to the unit at the breaker is more manageable. And you definitely do not want power to your unit in the event of a power surge. Besides debris damaging the unit outside, it’s the most common reason we have to replace units after storms (and there is always a shortage of units after storms).

When you have power after the storm passes (even if it’s a day or two later), you’ll be very unhappy to discover your unit isn’t working because of a surge.

Inspecting for Damage After the Hurricane

Once the storm has passed, go outside and inspect your AC unit – look for any visible damage from debris – it can be from water, flying coconuts, falling tree limbs, et cetera. If it passes a visual inspection, and you have power back at your house, go ahead and turn the breaker back on. You don’t want to leave it off for too long or else you could develop mold in the house (which is a nightmare of a problem).

If you have any questions or concerns about getting your AC unit through the storm, we got you covered. At Mario’s AC, we’re here to help you get your AC back up and running. Contact us or give us a call at (727) 843-9598 and we’re more than happy to help.

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