The Pros and Cons of Space Heaters

December 5, 2019

The Pros and Cons of Space HeatersKeeping a Hudson-area home warm throughout the cold, winter months could be hard on a furnace. This could lead to an increase in monthly heating bills. Many area homeowners seek out alternative ways to effectively warm their homes. A space heater is one attractive option. Portable space heaters come in a variety of sizes, capabilities, and designs. They are quite common in Florida homes. The following is a rundown of a few pros and cons associated with using a space heater.

Pro: Less Expensive Than Your Furnace… If You Take Proper Measures

Operating a space heater costs far less than your furnace. You can keep a room or area of your home just as warm with a space heater, as well. This means you can enjoy the same level of comfort while saving on energy usage.

Maximize your savings by lowering the temperature on your thermostat when using a space heater so that your furnace will run as little as possible.

Pro: Easy to Use and Convenient

Today’s space heaters are fairly sophisticated, allowing you to set your desired temperate or put it on a timer. Still, they’re quite easy to use. Their portable nature also means you can conveniently bring them to whatever room or space you might be using at the time.

Pro: Perfect as a Back-Up Source of Heat

Furnace breakdowns can make your home uncomfortable in a hurry. A space heater is great for those emergencies when you need to keep your home as comfortable as possible while HVAC technicians repair the furnace.

Con: Safety Issues

While the safety technology on today’s space heaters has come a long way, the risk for fires or burns still exists. Space heaters must be appropriately placed away from anything flammable. It’s best to be home while your space heater operates so you can keep an eye on it.

Con: Doesn’t Heat Your Whole Home

Not everyone stays in a single room or space for most of the day — they move around the home and want to be comfortable no matter where they go. For comfortable whole-house heating, a furnace is best.

Keep Your Home Safe and Warm This Season

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