Is Air Conditioning Healthy?

September 16, 2019

Air conditioning has been around since 1902. Ever since its inception, we’ve depended on it to keep us comfortable. Today, it’s almost considered the norm rather than a luxury. With many concerns about our air quality, we must consider whether it’s the right choice for our health and our homes.

The good news is that air conditioning is healthy. It helps prevent the spread of germs and aids those with allergies and asthma. Children and seniors who may be more prone to airborne colds and viruses will also benefit from keeping the home at a comfortable temperature. Mario's AC is happy to provide you with this information and our other services.

Adequate Air Conditioning Prevents Many Issues With Our Homes

The benefits that air conditioning provides for our home are also health related. Excessive humidity can create mold, which can cause illness, especially if black mold forms. It’s also incredibly expensive to have the mold removed if it gets into your ventilation and other areas that are difficult to treat.

Another issue is with insects and pests. If your home isn’t at a temperature that’s within the normal range for indoors, insects will be attracted and can create very unsanitary living conditions. A well-ventilated home that’s comfortable for humans and pets helps prevent many of these issues from taking place. Other considerations include the flooring and your appliances. If excessive heat and humidity interfere with these items, they can be costly to replace.

Mario's AC Provides You with Air Conditioning Services and More

Mario's AC has been serving Florida since 1997. Our award-winning service provides you with fast appointments that are often within an hour. We offer multiple financing options on approved credit, and we are a Lennox Factory Authorized Dealer. Our repairs and estimate services are always free, and we’re happy to say that we’ve achieved 100% customer satisfaction for two years in a row. Get in touch with us today and see the service difference for yourself with Mario's AC.

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