How to Care for Your AC System

August 7, 2019

Your home’s cooling system needs attention throughout the year to ensure it continues to function correctly. If you neglect your AC system, you can expect to encounter issues over time. Here are a few tips to maintain your air conditioner to increase its operation and lifespan.

1. Keep the Coils Clean

The AC coils are one of the main components of the system that allow the refrigerant to absorb heat and keep the interior setting cool. Dirt and grime can settle on the coils, which prevents as much heat from being absorbed and reduces the efficiency of the appliance. Make it a point to clean the coils to boost the operation of the system and prevent it from breaking down in the future.

2. Straighten the Fins

You can care for your AC system by straightening the fins to improve airflow and boost the efficiency of the appliance. You can use a butter knife to adjust the fins. Use a high level of care and work in a gentle motion to prevent damage to any of the tubing that’s embedded in the fins.

3. Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

Hire a professional from a company like Mario's AC to perform routine maintenance. During the visit, a technician will clean the parts, check for repairs, and perform a tune-up.

4. Change the Blower Filter

The blower filter needs to be changed at least every six months, which includes once before the heating season and once before the cooling season. The filter should be replaced with a filter of the same rating.

5. Remove Debris

Twigs or leaves that become clogged in the AC unit outside can lead to issues and cause damage to the parts. Remove the debris and cut back any bushes or trees that are in proximity to the appliance to avoid problems.

Reputable AC Company

Contact Mario's AC in Hudson today to learn more about how to care for your AC system. In addition to maintenance, our technicians can also perform repairs and installation services.

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