How Can Duct Replacement Help My HVAC System?

April 1, 2020

When you imagine the components of your HVAC system, you probably think about the parts that move and condition the air. These components include the air conditioner compressor and evaporator coils, the furnace, and the blower fan.

While these are certainly important parts of your HVAC system, there is another component that is just as important: the ducts. Without ducts to carry the conditioned air around your Hudson, FL home, the rest of your equipment is useless.

Just like your other HVAC system components, there are also times when your ducts need to be replaced. Here are some key reasons why your ducts might need to be replaced by Mario's AC today.

External Problems

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider duct replacement. One reason you may need to have your ducts replaced is if they become rusty or develop holes. Rust can form on ducts if they aren’t properly cleaned with regular maintenance. Mario's AC can help with all of your AC unit maintenance.

As dust and debris pile up in certain areas in your ducts, these areas can also become collection points for water. The water condenses in your ducts when the air inside is cold while the air outside your ducts is hot and humid. Ducts that are poorly insulated are especially vulnerable to this condition. This is why it’s important to have Mario's AC check your Hudson home’s insulation in the attic and around the ducts.

The most common cause of holes in your ducts is small animals that crawl around in hidden areas throughout your home. Though the metal in ducts is tough, a persistent animal can eventually make holes in the metal if they think there’s something worth pursuing on the other side. Of course, misplaced screws or nails can also puncture your ducts, which can be especially easy to do when your ducts are located between studs.

No matter how the holes get there, holes in your ducts lead to poor HVAC efficiency. Rather than reaching its intended destination, conditioned air from your air conditioner or furnace spills through these holes and into the uninsulated areas of your home. Though patching is possible in some cases, there are times when the holes are too large or too numerous to practically patch, thus necessitating duct replacement.

Poor Design

One of the most common causes of duct replacement is poor duct design. Though most HVAC companies do a great job of installing ductwork, there are those shoddy operations who do poor work just to earn a quick buck and then move on. Unfortunately, DIY enthusiasts are also often guilty of doing awful ductwork. While replacing ducts yourself may seem like a great way to save money, this strategy can backfire. You could end up spending more hiring professionals to fix your mess-ups.

If duct runs are too long, turns in the ducts are too tight, or if there are ducts that are the wrong size for their location, then poor HVAC performance will result. At Mario's AC, we can analyze the shape, location, and length of your ducts to determine if your ducts were designed and installed properly or if they need to be replaced.

Of course, duct replacement can also be necessary if you decide to split your HVAC system into zones. This approach is especially popular in larger homes where certain areas of the home aren’t used as often. If you previously had a single-zone HVAC system and want to move to two or more zones, then some duct replacement will be required to ensure the air is routed to the correct zone.

Benefits of Duct Replacement

There are many benefits to replacing worn-out or poorly designed ducts. The main benefit is increased efficiency while the HVAC system is running.

If your new ducts replace poorly designed ducts, then efficiency is gained because air can arrive at its destination more easily. Basically, if the HVAC system was having to work hard before the ducts were replaced, redesigned ducts will allow your system to work more easily because the air that the system puts out will hit fewer snags. You can think of it as the difference between breathing normally and breathing with a thick mask on your face.

Additionally, because the full volume of air is being pumped into your home, each room will be heated and cooled more quickly, allowing your HVAC system to run for shorter periods of time. This helps to lower your energy bill and puts less wear and tear on your HVAC components, resulting in a longer lifespan for those components. These air volume increases also result when you have your ducts replaced because of air leaks due to holes and rust.

Beyond HVAC efficiency improvements, there are also benefits for the health of you and your family. One benefit of new ducts is healthier and cleaner air in your home. If your ducts have collected dust to the point that the dust can trap moisture, then it’s likely that mildew can also grow. As air passes over the mildew, small spores can be carried into the different rooms in your home, leading to sneezing, coughing, and other allergy symptoms in sensitive family members.

Plus, since you’re using less electricity by running your HVAC system less, you’re helping to reduce the amount of pollution that’s released into the air. With less pollution comes cleaner air, which can help those with asthma and other breathing conditions to breathe more easily.

Trust the Duct Experts

At Mario's AC, we understand the importance of quality ducts. We want your home to be as healthy and efficient as possible, which is why we offer quality duct replacement services. Furthermore, we do indoor air quality testing to ensure that there are no elevated levels of airborne pollutants in your home.

If your ducts don’t need to be replaced but are dirty, we offer duct cleaning services. This will leave your ducts looking and working like new. Ultimately, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you and your family are comfortable and healthy in your home.

This commitment extends to the other HVAC services we offer. If you need maintenance or repairs on your furnace or air conditioner, we can dispatch a technician at a time that’s convenient for you.

If it’s time for a replacement, we can help design the best system for your needs and then install it to the highest standards. If this commitment to excellence sounds like something you’d like to experience at your business, we also offer commercial services throughout the area.

We are proud of the countless five-star reviews we have received through sites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp. The kind words and stories our customers share make our hard work worth it. If you are ready for new ducts or have another HVAC need, give Mario's AC in Hudson, FL, a call today.

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