Everything You Need to Know About an HVAC System

April 30, 2019

People often use the term “HVAC system” to describe a multipurpose system that does a variety of heating, ventilation and air conditioning tasks. However, people usually don’t know much about what they get when they install a new HVAC system. An HVAC system from Mario’s AC can include the following parts.

Heating Elements

The type of heating element used in your HVAC system will often depend on your preference. It may involve a furnace, boiler or radiator. HVAC systems can use ductwork to send warm air throughout the house or a pipe system to transmit warmed fluid everywhere.

Ventilation Components

The ventilation components of an HVAC system can maintain air quality just as well as a duct cleaning or air purifier installation. It lets you get fresh air into your space, so everything does not smell dusty, stuffy or moldy.

Air Conditioning Units

An HVAC system uses air conditioning to get heat out of the house. There are all sorts of ways to add coolness to the house. Many traditional types of central AC have an evaporator, condenser, and compressor that help to cool air. Some HVAC systems use a heat pump that can both heat and cool as desired.

Additional Parts

To make up a basic HVAC system, all you technically need is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning element. However, many modern HVAC units have some extra parts to help keep your indoor air as clean and comfortable as possible. The most common add-ons are air filtration and air cleaning elements that help to remove outdoor pollutants and irritants.

With all these parts, an HVAC system from Mario’s AC can perfectly maintain the air temperature and quality inside your Hudson, FL, home. In addition to installing HVAC systems, Mario's AC also provides HVAC maintenance, indoor air quality services, duct cleaning services and more. To learn about the great services we offer, give Mario's AC a call today.

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