The Dangers of Not Getting Your AC Repaired

August 14, 2019

Central air conditioning units, heat pumps, mini-splits, and other cooling units all need to be repaired from time to time. When homeowners fail to ensure these repairs in a timely manner, they will face all kinds of consequences. Below are a few of the most prominent.

Persistent Loud Noises

Issues with ACs frequently make loud noises, which can become irritating after a while. For example, loose parts will rattle, leaks in the ductwork will hiss and bad motors will continually squeal. Your unit might even develop a bad compressor where the pistons grind against each other.

Inadequate or Uneven Cooling

When the evaporator coils get covered in dirt, it becomes harder for the unit to cool the house. This means lukewarm air. When dirt clogs the vents and filters, it can lead to some rooms being cooled less than others.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

With clogged filters comes a greater presence of bacteria, pollen, dander and other contaminants inside one’s home. You might feel congested, get a headache or be left with a sore throat.

At Mario's AC, we’re experts when it comes to duct cleaning and filter replacement. Hudson residents also turn to us for comprehensive air quality assessments.

Humid Interior

A neglected AC may develop a clog in the condensate drain pipe, which could result in flooding. Before that happens, though, you’ll likely notice that your home becomes more humid. A humid interior can also be caused by a refrigerant leak — a serious issue that will harm your health and the environment.

High Electricity Bills

Lastly, you’ll probably notice a sharp increase in your electricity bills together with the below-average performance. This is because a failing AC must work harder to achieve the set temperature. It may even resort to running continuously to try to keep your home cool.

NATE-Certified AC Repair Technicians

For high-quality repairs in Hudson, you can always turn to Mario's AC. Our skilled heating and cooling technicians have experience repairing and maintaining air handlers, heating systems, heating pumps, and air conditioners from a wide range of makes and models. We offer new heating and cooling installations as well. Contact us today for an appointment.

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