5 Signs You Need to Replace Your HVAC’s Air Filters

July 15, 2019

Air filters are a very simple component in your HVAC system that is often not seen as important to homeowners. They’re important when it comes to maintaining healthy air quality in your house and helping to move air around the property. You probably haven’t thought about your air filters lately. Don’t want until it’s too late before you do. Here are some signs you should look into when replacing your filters should be done immediately.

1. Hot AC Unit

Is the back of your air conditioner unit hot to the touch? If it’s giving off a lot of heat, it means it’s having to work overtime to push air around the house. This is usually a symptom of a blocked filter, meaning replacement is needed right away.

2. Increased Energy Bills

Are you noticing that your energy bills are much higher this month than last summer? This is a clear sign that your air conditioning system is working harder than it has to. Often, this is the result of a bad filter that’s keeping air from flowing freely. The first thing you should do if your energy bills are through the roof is to perform a filter replacement.

3. Dusty Household

When a filter is blocked, the air that can get through is sure to push any dirt out and into your home. Increased dust around the house is a clear sign that your filters are creating blockages.

4. Allergies Flaring

Noticing yourself sneezing more? Red and itchy eyes? You could have an allergy to dust that’s compounded by the fact that the air in your house isn’t being filtered properly.

5. Dirty Coils

Air filters don’t just filter the air going into the home; they also filter the air that’s coming back into the unit. Bad filters can cause the coils in your unit to become dusty and dirty, meaning they have to work extra hard to get the job done.

Experiencing any of these issues in your home? Give Mario's AC in Hudson a call today to set up an estimate to change your filters. We can also help with heating and cooling repair, installation, maintenance, and duct cleaning.

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