4 Steps to Take If Your AC Won’t Turn On

August 21, 2019

Air conditioners are designed to last an average of 10 years. While most systems have a high level of durability, issues can develop over time due to excess wear or a lack of maintenance. In a worst-case scenario, a system will suddenly cease operation. Here are a few steps to take if your AC won’t turn on.

1. Check the Air Filter

Many people forget to replace their air filters, which can quickly become clogged during the warmer months of the year and lead to a lack of airflow. Make it a point to periodically check if it’s time to replace the air filter. If it gets too dirty, the air filter can cause the AC to shut off or freeze up. The filter should be replaced every one to three months depending on how much the AC is in use.

2. Inspect the AC Drain Pan

Take a close look at the pan below the indoor portion of the air conditioner. The pan may be full or clogged, which can trigger the float switch and prevent the air conditioner from operating.

3. Hire a Professional

If you’re not able to diagnose the AC issue yourself, contact a technician from Mario's AC to perform a thorough inspection and find the issues. There may be problems with the wiring or even a refrigerant leak that you’re not aware of. Thankfully, a professional will be able to repair it immediately.

4. Check the Condenser Lines

Dirty condenser lines can lead to mold and algae growth. There may even be a bird or mice that have begun to inhabit an area on the lines. You’ll want to clean the lines with the use of a wet/dry vac.

Reputable AC Repair

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